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Amul butter’s blistering Ad campaign

Amul butter’s blistering Ad campaign
Remember Amul’s tongue-in-cheek Forget oil-for-food, try maska Ad that came out when the Iraq food scandal that eventually cost then external affairs minister Natwar Singh his job was ruling the headlines? Or, Taj Mall that was released when the controversial realty project near Taj Mahal was okayed by UP chief minister Mayawati?

The four-decades-old butter girl, who created history with smart one-liners for perhaps the world’s longest running outdoor campaign, has always feasted on political idiosyncrasies, just like RK Laxman’s common man.

Not anymore. She has decided to leave politicians alone and go after Bollywood stars, cricketers, business barons et al. In the the last couple of years Amul girl has seldom taken potshots at politicians.

So, JaiL-alitha! (when Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha was imprisoned), Fodder of the Nation (over the fodder scam that rocked Bihar during Lalu’s regime), Be Indian, bye Indian (when reforms opened the gates for Coca-Cola and Pepsi) and Out Of Commission (Bofors issue) have old memories now.

What struck you recently have been Bollywood-inspired ones like Chini kum, butter Zyada, Lagate Raho Maska Bhai and Yellow, Kuch, Kuch Quota Hai is the only recent Amul Ad with a political overtone.

“There has not been any change in our communication strategy for Amul butter. The agency has complete independence in selecting the subject. We recently did political ads at the time of Gujarat assembly election and might come up with something on outcome of Karnataka elections,” said GCMMF MD BM Vyas.

Added Da Cunha Communications director Rahul da Cunah: “Politics is not getting much attention due to IPL matches. We probably might come up with something on Karnataka elections.”

“Lately, politics might have taken a back seat since it’s becoming boring,” said Amul moppet creator Eustace Fernandes. “I have witnessed shift in terms of language and appearance of the Amul moppet. It used to look much different and better in past. Also, English used to dominate the campaign while Hinglish is carrying more weight now.”

Says Mudra Communication president Chandan Nath: “Amul butter campaign, for years, has been highlighting what is on top of the people’s mind. The campaign has changed with times. The focus is less on politics which was getting more attention in the past.”

Says Ad film maker Prahalad Kakkar: “Politicians have lost their charm since they have started acting as morale police. Instead of debating, they are more into biting you if you speak up. So it is better to avoid them.”

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