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Who can save the TDP?

Who can save the TDP?The numbers of deserters are rising day by day in TDP. If not attending party meetings is an indication a lot of seniors are skipping party meeting, not responding to Naidu.

The top leadership of the party is also sensing these large scale defections and working out various formulas to avoid total rout of the party.

It is believed some family members of the NTR demanding Naidu to declare Balayya for CM post on behalf of the party but as a midway solution proposing his son instead of Balayya.

One more formula suggested by caste leaders is declaring Purandhereswari to the CM post and Balayya as chief of the party and Naidu moving to Delhi politics. But Naidu bluntly refused this.

Whatever may be the next revolutionary change in the TDP, it is going to take place minimizing Naidu role in party affairs.

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