Vishwanath Anand is World Champion

Vishwanath Anand is World Champion

Vishwanath Anand is World Champion

Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand retained the World Chess Championship crown after drawing with Russian challenger Vladimir Kramnik in the 11th game.

Playing white, Anand did not give any chance to Kramnik who had got a whiff of life after winning the 10th game of the match.

Anand finished the match with an overall score of 6.5-4.5 points. He won three while Kramnik won one game in the 11 games played in the match while rest of the games was drawn.

The victory over Kramnik, a consummate artist, was especially sweet for Anand, who says that Kramnik does not lose three games in a year, forget three games in a series.

Australian Grandmaster Ian Rogers called this match a battle between the painter and the philistine, so well-regarded is the Russian’s sense of aesthetic play. But Anand is a stylist in his own right, and one of his fabulous win among the three in this series is set to go down as one of the great games in the chronicles of world championships.

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  1. m.y,kumar says:

    Vishwanathan Anand winning the world title for the 3rd time, is one of the great achievement in chess for a long time as he has won the title in three different formats. Unlike previous champions, who had the benefit of facing the opponents in the challenge round he had to play in the normal format. Also he had received very little institutional support unlike his opponents from soviet union and other countries. Anand deserves to be honoured with the highest civilian award for holding the Indian flag high, in one of the most competitive sport.