Special Effects: New flavour of Tollywood

Special Effects: New flavour of Tollywood

Special Effects: New flavour of Tollywood

After the stupendous success of the films “Arundhathi” and “Magadheera”, producers and directors of Telugu cinema are now enamored by Special Effects known as computer generated imagery (CGI).

The entire CGI component for the film “Magadheera” has been done by Hyderabad based 4D Animation. Another SFX studio Pixelloid Animation is now undertaking CGI work for the films “Josh “, “Arya-2” and Ganesh…Just Ganesh”. The Namitha starrer “Jaganmohini” also has lot of CGI particularly for the underwater sequences.

The enhancement visual appeal by CGI is being greatly appreciated by Telugu audience and even small budget films are showing interest in computer generated imagery for their films.

According to reports, “Magadheera” spent Rs 4 crore on special effects and “Arundhati” Rs 6 crore. With this technology being available, Tollywood writers, directors and producers are now planning more historical, mythological and horror genre films.

With CGI available in Hyderabad itself and with competent technicians, Tollywood’s younger generation of directors are taking more risks in experimenting and dishing out new on screen fare which will be visually more effective and more likely to win the appreciation of the audience and the critics.

In the near future, Tollywood is likely to come out with more films whose visual appeal will be enhanced by computer generated imagery.

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