Self-ordained politico Parakala gets Gyaan

Self-ordained politico Parakala gets Gyaan

Self-ordained politico Parakala gets Gyaan

Parakala Prabhakar, a former TV anchor and miscellaneous occupation activist, shot into limelight as the official spokesperson of Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party (PRP).

When the fledgling PRP was still toddling in nappies, Mitra and Parakala were always adorning the small screen authoritatively stating the aims, ambitions and ideologies of the party.

As the elections approached, the political migrants to PRP from Congress, TDP and TRS were finding favour from the party leadership.

Yesterday, Parakala conducted a press conference at the PRP office and announced his resignation from the party describing it as a vicious poisonous tree.

Parakala says he is too cultured to blurt out the real reasons for his resignation or the actual state of internal affairs of PRP.

The funny thing in the entire episode is that Parakala puts on airs as a seasoned politician tangentially hinting that without him there is no Chiranjeevi or the Praja Rajyam Party.

If PRP has suddenly become a poisonous tree, wasn’t Parakala’s contribution there for that phenomenal situation to develop as he says he was one of PRP’s founding fathers?

As it is the people feel embarrassed with politicians of the ilk of YS Rajasekhar Reddy, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, K Chandrasekhar Rao et al.

Why does Parakala impose himself on us as the most probable political savior bent upon bettering the society but feels battered by the actual founders of PRP?

Does Parakala require day long TV coverage for venting his personal political ambitions that went haywire?

The I-Am-OK-YOU-ARE-NOT-OK syndrome of Parakala and his generous exhibition of Holier-than-Thou mindset are too nauseating to say the least.

It is better that people like Parakala retire into the splendid wilderness of the uninhabitable Himalayas where he can only blame himself for anything and everything, for the simple reason that no one will be there within reach to throw blame on.

Deen Kumar

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4 Responses to “Self-ordained politico Parakala gets Gyaan”

  1. Santosh says:

    Hi Parakala,

    You are very smart in talking, honestly I don’t believe in the persons like you. I don’t think you don’t have self respect. I was watching you in the channels: you said you went to PRP office just to give your resignation , you said there were no body in the office and thought to give the resignation letter to Security or at reception. What right you have to go the media room when you decided to leave. As you felt responsible to let people know, then don’t you have commonsense that you should not enter into any of the rooms when you are out of your said company, how did media know that you are media room and I don’t understand what is media doing when no one is in the party office, is that you leaked info to media to come and live telecast your Resignation. If you are such great person you should have simply left your Resignation letter at security or reception and spoken somewhere outside from the Press clubs. You are like saying in Telugu (Thadigodalatho gonthu kosevadu). Ravi Prakash TV9 have asked you the right questions why are you not able to the list of BC’s whom you think they are not BC’s. When you have social responsibility of telling people that PRP is company and you came out, then don’t you have the responsibility to bring out the list to media, If is it so don’t you think Media will check those lists and put in front of people. I think after all the lists are out and you have been with PRP for some months now, you know the in and outs of the party. Why are you not able to talk about the negatives we mean the right problems and why are you talking everything after the lists announced. Most of the people understand that PRP have not offered you the ticket and your thoughts are not taken into consideration in many times. So you felt bad for those reasons. You are capable of anchoring in TVS and as Media person for Political parties. Honestly you are not capable for MLA or MP. You said PRP company people have Manasikavyadi , then what dangerous disease you have for all the time you shift parties. PRP is the party which might have asked you to join them (as spokesperson) but not as advisor. You know now in our regional languages lot of Channels have come join them soon if not join in AATA Juniors dance programme in Zee telugu and don’t know how long you will stay with them. Best of luck to your future, I wish you join a new party by next elections and get good treatment of your Vusaravilli vyadhi.


  2. bhag says:

    This is an another political Drama. First I thought, Chiranjeevi brings some change. But I am failed to recougnise, what change he can bring to Andhra? He earned millions, but for common living, lakhs are enough. Has he helped any poor after getting riches? what help he did for the poor except the so called Blood Bank, established with Government land and Funds from the FANs? Chiranjeevi is just an ordinary like other bunch of politicians for sure. Knowing all this, Mr. Prabhakar joined him. means what! he want to enjoy the status to be a chencha to Chiranjeevi. like other, so called coverts. So, he is expected to leave at any time. PRP is also a Political Party, In India all the Parties are there to loot poor and to fill their Swiss Bank accounts. All leaders jump from one party to other. If they didn’t get food to eat, they again JUMP. It’s pretty common. IF anyone really and truthfully want to serve people, they are free and can help people without politcs for true. examples are many including mother Therressa. many NRI’s are helping their poor villages with schools, roads, libraries etc., Even the Greatest Scammer, Satyam Ramalinga raju, helping Millions with his Bairaju Foundation ! After writing all this, I realised, There is no use talking about idiots and politicians.

  3. znaneswar yadv says:

    I am not able to understand why the cinema fanatics are targeting parakala! He has gone ther with good ambition. You know what mischuvios role played by aravind and chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi challenged that if any one proves any one OC given ticket out of 104 he is prepared for Political sansyasa. Now his “own” son given statement that his father cheated public and given 14 OCs under the cover of BCs. Now if Chiranjeevi has any respect for his conscious he should retire from the politics. Enough is enough. He already brought ap politics in to dirty politics.

  4. rajsekhar says:

    parakala is a criminal abductor, cleared all cases by out of court settlements. what right he has to speak about persons like chiranjeevi and allu arvind ?