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More desertions from TDP

More desertions from TDP In a day or two one more senior leader from TDP joining unnamed Chiru party.
Kurnool strong man Bhooma Nagireddy and his wife Shobha along with scores of their supports quitting TDP and they already received positive signals from Chiru&co in this regard. Though many senior leaders have been trying to convince the couple not to leave, it is reliable learnt they have made up their mind and no second thoughts in this.

Reasons for their migration to Chiru camp are many notable are importance accorded to their rival camps within the party (Bhooma has rivalry both with K.E.family and former minister Farookh in the district) and Babu sidelined him many times while taking crucial decisions in regard to district.

Bhooma’s wife Shobha is daughter of Telugu desam dissident MLA S.v.subba reddy and her brother S.V.Mohan reddy also one of the leading figures in TDP. Though subbareddy saying that he has no idea of their decision it is learnt he himself encouraged the couple move either to congress or Chiranjeevi camp as TDP will sink once chiranjeevi announces the party’ name.

Grapevine has it in coastal region too many more in the TDP have similar thoughts and they will come out once the name of the Chiru’ party is announced.

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