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Is Chiranjeevi for integrated Andhra Pradesh?

Is Chiranjeevi for integrated Andhra Pradesh? According to the usually reliable sources, the core committee of the proposed political party of Chiranjeevi, conducted an opinion poll survey by a reputed company and the results show that 70% want integrated state, while only 30% opted for a separate Telangana state.
And, therefore, the core committee has reportedly decided to go before the people that their party works for integrated state and not for bifurcation . Tollywood is abuzz that Chiru’s core committee has commissioned popular lyricist Veturi Sundara Ram Murthy to pen a theme song for the party. This song will be the clarion call of the party and on the theme of Integrated Andhra Pradesh.
Every political party has a logo, a flag and a symbol. Chiranjeevi’s party will have all of them plus a theme song, which is unique in itself.

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