Intellectuals divided in Andhra Jyothi issue

It appears the intellectuals in the state are a divided community in the supporting Andhra jyohti. As the HRF (human rights forum) president and noted civil rights activist Balagopal has supported the filing of the cases under SC&ST act against Andhra jyothi editor and staff, another left intellectual and political scientist Haragopal lashed out the government and termed the arrests as reflections of dark days of emergency.
Some columnists’ i.e. Venugopal termed the fight between Radhakrishna and Manda Krishna madiga as fight between social justice and the right to freedom of speech. Poet and sympathizer of Maoists Vararao supported the Krishna madiga but took the convenient path of finding an amicable solution in apolitical manner. The surprising support to Andhra jyohti came from balladeer Gaddar
Interestingly Gaddar is from the same community that Krishna madiga belongs and Vasantha laxmi , feminist activist and writer, Balagopal wife works in Andhra jyothi.

One Response to “Intellectuals divided in Andhra Jyothi issue”

  1. geyamala says:

    bala gopal and varavara rao are nothing but protecting the interests of the ruling class and they ceased to be marxists. why the so called pseudo intellectuals failed to understand the simple fact that the andhra jyothi scribes as a measure to express their anger against the brutal attack on their office, burnt and beat the effigy . it was not their intention to insult the so called dalith leader in the name of caste. gaddar and haragopal were right in condemning the arrest.