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Brand Mahesh Babu

Brand Mahesh Babu

Prince Mahesh Babu’s popularity among his fans is being cashed by businesses in South India these days. Businesses want to gain from big fan fare of Mahesh Babu. Reports are quoting Prince Brand value is more than 25 Cr and may even grow.

Prince is endorsing all major brands which already established themselves to give them a boost and is also endorsing new businesses looking for place in South India.

Following are list of brands to which Prince Mahesh is Brand Ambassador.

1. Thumbs Up
2. Vivel Shampoo
3. Amrutanjan Pain Balm
4. Idea 3G Cellular
5. Jos Alukkas Jewllers
6. Navaratna Hair Oil
7. Provogue

Prince may soon appear for Gillette brand too.

Even though his recent movies are not doing well at box office, there is no decline to his brand value and even fan base and his fans are eagerly waiting for his next release ‘Dookudu’ in the direction of Srinu Vytla and Prince new movie ‘The Businessman’ in the direction of Puri Jagannath may start in August 2011, produced by Venkat of RR Movie Makers.

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