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Beijing Olympics 2008 concludes

Beijing Olympics 2008 concludesThe closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008 started as a quiet, emotional affair; as a celebration of unity, brotherhood of humanity and a reassertion of China’s will to tell the world that impossible is nothing; it was a window to the country’s desire to be a part of a vibrant global village, to belong to it all.

Higher, faster, stronger: This motto of the Olympics was best underlined by the host athletes, who surged ahead of the rest in an awesome pursuit of excellence and dominance. China was on top of the world and nobody grudged them their success.

For China, it was a journey of self-belief and confidence. The doubts had melted and all that was left was euphoria; and later, emptiness.

IOC president Jacques Rogge said: “Through these Games the world learned more about China, and China learned more about the Games.”

Inside the Nest, the athletes gathered like one family as the Olympic flag was taken down. The Olympic flag was lowered and Great Britain’s flag rose to signal the beginning of a new journey: London 2012.

The cameo by London entourage was bright. A bus with the legend London, Beijing, London rolled in. David Beckham stood on top of the bus and kicked a ball into the stands.

Pop singer Leona Lewis sang Whole lot of love as legendary Led Zeppelin rock guitarist Jimmy Page set the foot tapping.

As the Olympic flame was put out, a huge holy flame was lit at the centre of the field as 396 performers simulated the flame with their bodies.

As The Beijing Olympic Games 2008 conclude, the Water Cube flashed a goodbye message: Thank you, all.

Medal Standings

G    S    B   Total

1. CHN 51  21   28    100

2.  USA 36  38    36   110

3.  RUS 23   21   28     72

4.  GBR 19   13   15     47

5.  GER 16   10   15     41

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