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Babai green signal for Abbai

Babai green signal for Abbai

Babai green signal for Abbai

No, I am not talking about Nandamuri Taraka ratna oohing and aahing Babai Balakrishana and glorifying the family in every public gathering, it is about the YSR family.

Even before he could complete one year Y.S.Vivekananda reddy is pressurized, in every available method, to resign his MP position paving way for Jagan to enter into parliament by none other than YSR’ wife and a few of her relatives (some people who are close to family said YSR’ wife even used some un parliamentary words against Vivek for not putting his papers in). Though YSR initially declined to ask his brother to quit, latter unable to withstand the family force he got his brother agreed for the demand, but in the final moment Sonia spiked his guns.

That is history.

Now Vivik’ tenure is almost coming to end and he too not much interested to contest. Recently YSR family asked Vivek to publicly announce his political retirement in favor of Jagan.

Obliging to the demand of his sister-in-law, Vivek announced that Jagan would be the nominee from Congress for next elections from Kadapa and Jagan coterie welcomed it in their usual style.

 YSR’ wife, daughter and some relatives from her side could have been more delighted than Jagan himself.


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