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Whoever wins in N-Deal game, India is the loser

Whoever wins in N-Deal game, India is the loserAt the time of taking support back to the Manmohan led UPA government left parties have one point agenda; Congress government should not be allowed to hammer out a nuclear settlement with Bush administration.

Surely it is an ideological decision. And political parties have right and liberty to have such kind of thinking given by their polarization on the basis of ideologies, regional issues, and sub-regional issues.

Now, after one week of hectic political activity the N-deal has gone up in a puff of the smoke and political leaders are polarized purely on their personnel rivalry and offering and collecting capacity.

Whoever wins the in the ‘’trust vote battle’’ is immaterial now, public are disgusted with the way politicos are behaving to win the magic number; Money power is blatantly exhibited by both the groups, MP are bought like vegetables in the market, deals are made regarding future ministerial berths even before the present government could lose the trust vote, it appears nuke deal is an just an excuse for some political parties to score win over their rival.

Very few like Mamatha Benerajee and P.A.Sangama ‘ daughter Anatan sangama are looking at the issue through ideological and national perspective the remaining political parties including three major mainstream parties (BJP,Congess, left groups) have destroyed the parliamentary decency either in protecting their party members or in admitting other party members into their fold.

Leaders are worried over their magic numbers but people are lamenting over their representatives’ moral standards.

Is any public-spirited figure there in the parliament to hear this?


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