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The third front came to a cropper

The third front came to a cropperMayawati master plan of arriving to national politics with help a few unemployed political parties proved futile and at the end of the day Congress comfortably proved its strength in the floor of the house. Third front which carried a hectic back door bargaining and for some time appeared to have an edge came to a cropper at the eleventh hour.

This time KCR vied with Naidu for defeat of ruling party but no avail.

Ajith Singh can not trust Mayawati, Devagouda is already distrustful of Babu’ character and if indications are true both these new comers may not stay in the third front for any longer.

Mayawati is more dictatorial and arrogant than Jaya who moved out of the UNPA without a hint.

In the end as BJP’ Venkayya Naidu termed UNPA will end up as UNEMPLOYED POLITCAL PARTIES ASSOCIATION.

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