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Telugu film industry “tossing and turning nights”

Telugu film industry’ ’’ tossing and turning nights’’

Going by the development it seems the sleep is a precious thing for the Telugu film industry.

For the last six months tollywood is in the grip of bad omen. Except one or two no big stars have cheerful news to tell, producers are in deep financial crises and no director has a notable hit.

For the last six months or so the Telugu film industry has been occupying front pages of local media for non filmic reasons. The breach of the peace and the sleep less nights for the industry started with Pawan kalyan’ marriage issue followed by news of Chiranjeevi political entry, his younger daughter’ infamous marriage, Mahesh babu ‘income tax ride, the news of Nandamuri family canvassing for their family owned Telugu desam and finally the infamous Gold quest.

As two big stars of the industry about to test their strength in the public domain all are under tremendous pressure guessing the out come

One of the most significant events in the eyes of media, public and the film industry is the political entry of the both the big figures, Bala Krishna and Chiranjeevi, of tollywood. Though the politics are not untested domain for film personalities, however, this is first time the stalwarts confronting directly rather than dropping a hint to their fans to support some one of their choice.

If the stars have political reasons to tell for their sleep less nights the story of smaller artists is another tragic episode.

For the public the whole issue of political entry of the stars is another entertainer from film industry , but the little known artists as well as upcoming stars of the film industry are in the tight spot as they will have to ,invariably, support one of the two. How about non- alignment? It is more harmful than not taking a side as both stars will keep them at distance for not supporting him. The filmnagar, where large a number of artists are residing, conditions echo a Rayalaseema faction village where villagers without any option have to be in one group.

Right now there is total chaos in the film nagar as no body knows what is going to happen and who is going support to whom in the coming elections.


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