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Tahaan : The story of a Kashmiri boy and his donkey

Tahaan : The story of a Kashmiri boy and his donkeyThe National Award winning cinematographer and director, Santosh Sivan has made another lyrical film Tahaan starring Purav Bhandare, Anupam Kher, Rahul Bose and Rahul Khanna, which has been produced by Shripal Morakhia and Mubina Rattonsey

Entirely shot in the Kashmir valley, Tahaan is not another film on terrorism but the troubled life of a boy in the region and his best friend, a donkey. Tahaan is slated for release on September 5.

Synopsis of Tahaan

Tahaan (Purav Bhandare) lives with his grandfather (Victor Banerjee), his mother Haba (Sarika) and older sister Zoya (Sana Shaikh) in the serene valley of Kashmir. They all live in the hope that someday Tahaan’s father, who’s been missing for three years, will return.

After the death of his grandfather, the local moneylender Lalji and his manager Kuka (Rahul Khanna) take away the assets of the family, including their pet donkey Birbal, against repayment of a pending loan. Now, life for Tahaan, his mother and sister takes a turn towardsdifficult times. For Tahaan, getting back his favourite donkey Birbal becomes the sole purpose in life.

After making some money, Tahaan goes to Lalaji only to know that an old man Subhan Darr (Anupam Kher) has bought Birbal and taken him across the mountains.

But Tahaan sums up courage and goes after Subhan. But Tahaan is disheartened when Subhan gifts Birbal to his orphaned nephew, and even the helper of Subhan called Zafar (Rahul Bose), cannot be of any assistance.
On his way back home, Tahaan encounters a teenage lad Idrees, who convinces him that his efforts would never be sufficient to get Birbal back. Instead, he promises to get Birbal back if Tahaan did a small work for him. Tahaan will have to carry a package across the mountains on his next journey. Seeing Tahaan’s eagerness, Idrees hands him a grenade. He tells him that when the time is right he will be told what is to be done.

Tahaan sets off on his second journey with Subhan and Zafar, the grenade and package tucked away under Birbal’s saddle. What is the price that Tahaan will have to pay for Birbal? And how far will he go to save his only meaning in life?

Tahaan is now at the crossroads and his final decision would determine his fate. But will he get Birbal back is the million dollar question.

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