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Sundeep Kishan – A Rookie who took a path less travelled

Sundeep Kishan - A Rookie who took a path less travelled

If you have watched critically acclaimed Prasthanam, you would not have missed a young man who made his debut in the Telugu film industry, acted against a celebrated actor like Sai Kumar and still held attention. The character was negative and still he was talked about and that is Sundeep Kishan for you. It is rarely that we see an actor who is playing a negative role on debut impressing people. Then followed Sneha Geetham where he acted one among many heroes. Rarely will you find young actors looking for a career in films acting as one among many. Sundeep broke the rules and acted in the movie. Before we forgot him there was news of sundeep signing for 7UP commercial that was telecast in Tamilnadu. Mind you, this is in a state where he hasn’t done a single film in native language and then followed a film in the bollywood- Shor In The City that is releasing on 29th April 2011 and now he is acting in a Tamil flick titled 2020.

The films and commercials mentioned above have paved the path for sundeep from a rookie to an actor and though he has long way to go, he has already found his place in the world of Indian Cinema. When did we last found a young actor trying to tread a different path and acting in films in various languages rather than sticking to one? When did we last see an actor who agreed to debut in a negative role rather than a lover boy? When did we see an actor who care little to establish an image and dared to think different? He may not be an actor who is most searched on Google. He may not be a youngster who is signing films left, right and centre but he is an actor who is taking those little steps on his planned way to the pinnacle. From whatever little conversation I had with this young man, I understand that he is not in hurry to get on to signing spree but interested in doing quality films that will establish him as an accomplished actor.

Films are not new to Sundeep who has seen films closely from the eyes of his uncle Chota K Naidu who was an accomplished camera man. Any young actor with an uncle like Chota K Naidu would have taken a short cut and used his contacts to get the role in the films. Sundeep thought otherwise. He joined as an assistant director to assist Gowtham Menon for Surya S/o. Krishnan. After observing the craft from close circles, he applied for Sneha geetham in which he played the role of Arjun, a young man who wants to direct a movie. His fate thought otherwise and Prasthanam became his first release there by bringing huge recognition and fame. He then acted in a Hindi film Shor in the city produced by Ekta Kapoor. The film had its show for celebrities and critics and the film as well as Sundeep’s role is being appreciated by many. Actors like Divya Dutta, Shriya and directors like Ken Ghosh appreciate the movie and Sundeep. Critics like Raja Sen, Rajeev Masand and Taran Adarsh appreciated his work making Sundeep very happy on his debut. He is very busy travelling to various cities to promote his latest film, though the butterflies in his stomach are as excited as he is. Wishing Sundeep all the best for his latest release- Shor in the City.

by Brahma Mahesh
[email protected]

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