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State Sponsored Wedding For Botsa’s Daughter

State Sponsored Wedding For Bota's Daughter

APCC chief and state Transport Minister Botsa Satyanarayana’s daughter Anusha’s wedding is underway on friday night in a grand manner. Many allege that Botsa using his political clout has got the wedding sponsored by others. His political power is known to everyone as his wife has been a two-time MP and his entire family has been in liquor business for quite some time.

According to inside information officials of the transport department, starting from brake inspectors to the transport commissioner level, had to make huge contributions for the wedding arrangements. A source says “The brake inspectors were given specific targets to mobilise funds for the wedding. The total expenditure of the wedding is anywhere nearer to Rs 25 crore; and one can imagine the kind of fleecing the transport department employees had to make to mobilise these funds,”.

The transport department took away hundreds of luxury cars from travel agencies in Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam to be used for transportation of VIPs for the wedding.

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