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SAKSHI is loosing ground

SAKSHI is loosing groundIf timely action not taken the Y.S.Jagan’ SAKSHI will slip to second place soon.

It is natural people compare Sakshi with its rival Enadu, though Sakshi’ family page is roaring success the presentation of political news needs to be improved a lot, in some cases the news is abruptly ending and important news are boringly represented.

Public are little bothered whether you are writing in favor of ruling government or against, the important thing is how convincingly you are presenting the case. It seems Sakhsi failed to attract the best band of writers who can generate humane interest even in the ordinary news items even though they are paying the best salaries in the media industry today.

Whatever may be the intention of the Jagan in not getting district broad sheet, Telugu people are addicted to separate district supplementary and many die hard fans of congress also not appreciating included district pages.

It is reliable learnt except Karimnagar and Twin cites in all remaining places Sakshi has edge in circulation over Enadu.

Ramoji who is facing crisis from all corners in life not leaving any stone unturned to keep his daily back in the first place and readers can now see a changed version both in content and appearance. Now a day he is not according much importance to any party and concentrating in seeing the sales graph move upward.

Though Enadu sales may improve in the days to come there is no guarantee that it can get back creditability.

So far the price and Family page saving the Sakshi and political news saving the enadu.

If Jagan really wants to out gun Ramoji in the latter’ turf Sakshi should have an active R& D department that can think needs of tomorrow society.


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