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Power Outage In 19 States: 60 Cr People Affected

Power Outage In 19 States: 60 Cr People Affected

For the second day today, North India was without power. Today, the extent of the crisis was much worse as the East was also affected . Three major supply grids which supply power to 19 different states had tripped. More than 600 million Indians were affected. Like yesterday, hundreds of trains stopped in their tracks. The Delhi metro stopped running for more than an hour. There were traffic jams.

Yesterday’s power outage, the worst in a decade for India, hit seven states and Delhi. Today’s blackout, described as one of the world’s largest, began at about 1.30 pm. The Northern, Eastern and North Eastern supply tripped in quick succession.

Grid tripping means that one or more power system elements of
the grid like a generator, transmission line, transformer, shunt reactor, series capacitor and Static VAR Compensator are suddenly shut, resulting in total failure of supply at a substation or loss of integrity of the grid, at the level of transmission system at 220 kV and above (132 kV and above in the case of North-Eastern Region).

Some experts are expressing fear of a hacker attack on the computerised power grid as it happened in USA in 2008.

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