Pawan Kalyan confers with Gaddar

Pawan Kalyan confers with Gaddar With the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh getting hot with the imminent entry of Chiranjeevi, everyone is eager to know what the megastar is thinking about the vexed issue of Telengana. While Nagababu is busy organizing the fan clubs, workers, women and farmers, Dr Mitra is conducting training classes to them.
There are reports that full fledged organizational structures are being carefully built up to facilitate a grand entry of Chiranjeevi into the political arena. In this context, Pawan Kalyan is meeting veteran politicians and intellectuals to seek advise on various issues, so that Chiranjeevi’s party can come up with appropriate policy statements.
Recently, Pawan Kalyan conferred with Telangana activist and folk singer Gaddar. It is reported that they had a long meeting and they discussed various issues connected with Telangana.
According to sources, Chiranjeevi may announce the formation of the party in this month itself.

5 Responses to “Pawan Kalyan confers with Gaddar”

  1. geyamala says:

    i guess chiranjeevi will join hands with leftists, and other like minded parties like loksatta and rationalists, free thinkers and janavignana vedika and other bc and sc st groups so that a broad third front would emerge in andhra pradesh and his party would come into power. recently volga, a telugu feminist writer also announced her support to chiru’s party.

  2. geyamala says:

    but the latest news is gaddar denied that he did not have a meeting with pavan. chiranjeevi must announce his political economical policies and his stand on separate telangana issue.if he supports telangana, the radical leftists support him in telangana other wise it would be difficult for chiranjeevi’s party to win more seats in telangana.

  3. Balakrishna. says:

    I want u to Gaddar contact no. & address at our Andhrapradesh.


  4. venkatesh says:

    i am venkatesh from hyderabad i am not a worth person to tell to gaddar sir pls don’t club with andhra partys we all telagana people
    with u sir what is going on trs party ( mahakutakam ) one thing i want to
    tell u sir u have to take responcebulites of telagana u r the person to
    take acction on telagana movement

    thanking yours