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Need to Rethink for Prajarajyam Party (PRP)

Need to Rethink for Prajarajyam Party (PRP)

Need to Rethink for Prajarajyam Party (PRP)

Of late a sense of uneasiness is prevailing in Chiru party cadre. After big bang launching of the party name and flag at mammoth mobilization in abode of Lord Venkateswara, things are not moving in the right direction. Though local media to national media provided huge coverage to the public meeting it helped only getting some of the national leaders- i.e. Amarsingh, BJP and a couple of leaders from other parts of the nation- close to Chiru, but the ground level workers and local political pundits yet to recognize him as a formidable political force who can change the fortunes of the ruling party.

The appointment of two intellectuals from two different ideological backgrounds to the official representatives’ posts has not welcomed much by the cadre as both of them are very restrained and reserved in their presentation. In the present day politics the representatives should be talkative and tough not mild and precise.

For an observer the whole party appears that some people are showcasing Chiru to push their agenda and he himself is not running the show. One day they say only honest people will be accorded top priority but the very next moment we find Chiru welcoming some factionists, corrupt politicians and betrayers into the party. No doubt some of the new comers of the party have spotless character and committed service mind but if the present trend of allowing unruly elements continues, Chiru cannot boast of himself as a leader with a different and going to end up as just another politician in the state.

Whenever some one throws a challenge the PRP leaders should give a fitting reply in aggressive style rather than maintaining silence over the issue.

Majority of the party cadre are still in their thirties and they expect their leader be combative. Chiru should keep this mind.

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