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MS Dhoni weds Sakshi Singh

MS Dhoni weds Sakshi Singh

Within a day of engagement, cricket captain MS Dhoni and Sakshi Singh Rawat got married at Vishranti Resort, located in the usually sleepy Lower Kandoli village, around 25km from Dehradun. In keeping with a romance that was kept tightly under wraps for almost two years, the wedding too was a fiercely private affair, with only family and close friends in attendance.

There were barely 50 guests, though some 10 dishes had been prepared. Given Dhoni’s son-of-the-soil, feet firmly grounded image, the cuisine was predictably all-Indian.

Dhoni reportedly wore a midnight blue sherwani. Ashish, the man who got the mare that Dhoni rode to the wedding, was ecstatic at having the Indian skipper as a client. According to sources, the jaimala ceremony took place at 9.30pm followed by the pheras at 11pm. Dhoni wore a sehra, said to be priced at Rs 10,000, made by Charandas of Dehradun’s famous Paltan Bazar.

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