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Mahatma Gandhi speech recording found in US

Mahatma Gandhi speech recording found in US A rare Mahatma Gandhi speech, only the second time he has been recorded speaking in English, has surfaced in Washington DC, courtesy a journalist who documented it in New Delhi in 1947 and preserved it on four 78 rpm LPs that were all but forgotten for 60 years.

The recording has been authenticated and confirmed by Rajmohan Gandhi, the Mahatma’s grandson and biographer, who calls it a “great discovery.” He says he is familiar with the event which occasioned the speech itself, a conference of Asian leaders convened by Pandit Nehru on April 2, 1947, but was not aware it had been recorded.

But it had been recorded by journalist Alfred Wagg, who subsequently gave a copy of it to John Cosgrove, a former president of the National Press Club in Washington DC.

Cosgrove produced the recordings when Rajmohan Gandhi visited the NPC in April to promote his new biography of the Mahatma, according to the Washington Post, which first reported the discovery.

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