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It is Congress vs. rest

IT is Congress vs. rest

IT is Congress vs. rest

It seems Congress has gained upper hand in the second round of elections pushing the TDP and PRP compete for second position.

Soon after first round of elections are over MAHAKUTAMI media wing (Enadu and Andrhajyothi etc) has tried to propagate that KUTAMI is heading for landslide win but YSR successfully countered it conveniently making TRS as election issue. As their plans went awry rather than attacking YSR Grand alliance leaders spent their time defending their tie up TRS.

Unlike first phase where elections went off without many disturbances second round of elections are severely marred by minor as well as major skirmishes. All the fighting and booth capturing indicated that Congress has some presence contrary to the Yellow media projection that Congress has left the field.

There are only very few incidents involving TDP and PRP directly confronting but rather it is Congress vs. PRP or Congress vs. TDP reminding that it is Congress vs. rest.


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