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Indian Americans in Obama’s team

Indian Americans in Obama’s team

Indian Americans in Obama’s team

Many Indian Americans have been appointed to the Obama-Biden transition team.

Parag Mehta, from Texas has been named the deputy director of inter-governmental affairs and public liaison for several minority groups, including Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders.

Nick Rathod has been appointed director to the Office of Inter-governmental Affairs.

Arti Rai, a professor of patent law at Duke University, who was a classmate of Obama at Harvard Law School, has been appointed as a member of the agency review team on science, technology, space, arts and humanities.

Anjan Mukherjee, a Harvard Business School MBA and managing director at the private equity firm Blackstone, has been named one of several leads on the economics and international trade agency review team.

Rachana Bhowmik, Subhasri Ramanathan, Natasha Bilimoria and Puneet Talwar will serve as members of the state, national security, defence, intelligence and arms control agency review team.

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