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I hate RGV- A mail from his ardent fan

I hate RGV- A mail from his ardent fan

I always loved movies and kept watching movies umpteen number of times. Those were the days when formula was the guru and I have seen number of revenge dramas, sister sentiment and family dramas. Action sequences were my favorite and I used to love the hero jumping in the air, doing acrobatics and fighting with the fighters bringing smiles on the faces of audience even during the fights and One day I watched a movie just because it’s a movie of my favorite star Nagarjuna and that movie was Shiva and that was the first time I hated RGV. I hated him for having made a movie away from the formula and close to reality. I hated him for having made fights looks so natural and cycle chain a natural weapon for all college goers and I hated him for making me watch the movie 25 times.

There was news in Nandyal, my home town that RGV’s 2nd film Kshana Kshanam shoot is happening and the team is in the town. I hated him again for having brought the town to a standstill. I hated him and his team when I along with my friends went to see the shoot and saw him and Sridevi in awe. I hated him when I saw the film on screen for breaking away from the routine yet again and of course for the best music and superb screenplay. I hated him so much that I ended watching the movie more than Shiva.

I hated him for all his horror movies that created puzzles in mind and questioned my intelligence for having chosen the films he made. I hated him more than before. I hated him for having a film called Govinda…Govinda on Lord Venkateshwara and failing not just himself but also my favorite star. I hated him when he announced that he will never make films in Telugu and shifted to Hindi.

I saw Satya almost after 50 days of its release in Mumbai where I lived those days. The entire theatre was full to the capacity and there was a stark silence till the credits rolled. I hated him again and again for making a film with such an engaging story. I hated him for Rangeela….Sarkar…

I hated his idea of rolling out films like a factory. I hated the alacrity with which he promoted his assistants to Directors. I hated him because the assistants who assisted others took more than a decade to get promoted where as he did injustice in promoting the talent in very short time.

I hated RGV for the junk he rolled out of his factory and I hated him more when he realized his mistake and scrapped the factory. I hated him when he defied logic and I hated when he broke rules. I hated him for the adamant attitude when the entire world blasted him and the entire media wrote him off.

I hated him when he realized that his roots are in Telugu Film Industry and again started making Telugu Movies. I loved him for having taking his word back. I hated him for making amends of his own decision. I hated him for making use of media better than anyone. I hated him for admitting openly that whatever he does, he does only for public. I hated him for living life on his own terms. I hated him for creating his own world.

I will continue hating him till such time he continues making movies passionately and I will keep hating him till such time he is part of news and news channels.

I love myself for having made a decision of not meeting him when he called me to hear the story idea of Maut 5 years back.

Brahma Mahesh
khaderba[email protected]

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