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Hillary Clinton may become VP candidate

Hillary Clinton may become VP candidate According to reports, former President, Bill Clinton has begun privately contemplating a different outcome for her: As Senator Barack Obama’s running mate.
The reports about Clinton’s musings surface as the Obama camp has quietly begun the process of searching for a partner on the Democratic ticket. The prospect of an Obama-Clinton ticket has been fodder for political gossip for months, with some Democratic leaders pushing the idea as a way to unify the party. The Obama and Clinton campaigns have consistently shrugged off the idea, however, and Clinton has been adamant that she is only interested in the presidency.
A spokesman for Clinton’s campaign said Clinton had not had private conversations in which he was pushing her for the vice presidency or arguing that she deserved it, and that he believed the choice of a running mate was a personal one for the nominee. Friends of Clinton say his musings have been more casual: He believes that an Obama-Clinton ticket could help unify the party, and he thinks she has earned a meeting with Obama to discuss the possibility.

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