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Controversy ‘Bullet News’ of TV9 Silently Deleted from Youtube!

Controversy ‘Bullet News’ of TV9 Silently Deleted from Youtube!

No More TV9 “BULLET’S” left over on Youtube! You can’t watch them bcoz Bullet News episodes are completely deleted from Youtube. Not even a single episode remained. All TV9 “Bullet News” episodes are erased from the Web Screen!
TV9 channel has silently deleted all the videos of Bullet News. Prior to this they only erased the telecast of 10.06.2014 episode which contained derogatory remarks on KCR and other Telangana MLAs.
TV9’s foul comments on Telangana leaders had hurt the feelings of Telanganites. ‘Bullet News’ mentioned T-MLAs as ‘Spoilt Toddy addicts’. T-CM KCR lashed out on TV-9 for this lapse and threatened that Andhra Media’s Proudness is not tolerated and if required T-Government will bring a new Cable TV Act like Tamil Nadu.
Not only Telangana Leaders, TV9 not even spared Andhra Politicians from making derogatory comments.

The Telangana MSOs have decided to ban TV9 in Telangana region to corner the propaganda of anti Telangana stand by the channel.
The channel has come under fire from Telangana activists on several occasions for telecasting anti-Telangana news.
Keeping in view of all these controversy of Bullet News, TV9’s management cancelled the program.
Bullet news totally considered as Yellow Journalism, now all the episodes are deleted from Youtube Silently by TV9!

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