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Casteism has crossed the continents

Casteism has crossed the continentsIt is known fact that ATA (American Telugu Association)represents Reddy community and TANA (Telugu Association of North America) represents Kamma.

Even though it is not openly discussed just with a peep at key players list in both the organizations we can know what these two represent.
There is a story behind the formation of ATA.

Of the two ATA is newer one. Prior to that there is only TANA. When NTR visited USA first time after becoming CM TANA has a Kamma person as its president and he welcomed him with much paraphernalia. Later when M.Chenna reddy visited USA as CM the same president of TANA did not accord much importance to him. This angered the Reddy members in TANA and they parted ways to start their own organization called ATA.

Both these organizations are nothing but caste groups. Now it is reliable learnt that a group of Kapus also forming an organization in the style of ATA and TANA to corner support for Chiranjeevi in the NRI circles. Brahmins too already have an origination for them.

Even if Telugu people in other countries are not following our customs and traditions nobody bothers but forming of groups social stigma as gravitating point will certainly lower their image.


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