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EMI movie review, an interesting premise but poorly executed

EMI movie review

EMI movie review

The Cast and Crew

Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Rampal, Malaika Arora, Ashish Chowdhry, Neha Uberoi, Urmila Matondkar, Manoj Joshi, Daya Shanker Pandey, Pushkar Jog, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Snehal Dhabi, Javed Rizvi

EMI movie review

EMI movie review


Music: Chirantan Bhatt
Producer: Sunil Shetty
Director: Saurabh Kadra
Banner :Balaji Motion Pictures & Popcorn Motion Pictures

The Film

EMI…Easy Monthly Installments is a very interesting and relevant premise to build a more interesting cinema story, but indiscrete mass masala elements spoil the show.

The Synopsis

Sattar Bhai (Sanjay Dutt) is the owner of Good Luck Recovery Agency and in great demand by all banks, MNCs and FIs for recovering the loans advanced by them.
Sattar Bhai has to recover EMIs from four different parties: Anil and Shilpa (Aashish Chowdhary and Neha Uberoi), Chandrakant Arjun (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), Ryan and Prerna (Arjun Rampal and Malaika Arora Khan) and Prerna (Urmila Matondkar). Thus four stories run on parallel tracks with Sattar connecting them all.
Sattar also does a bit of Gandhigiri by counseling the party on financial management. But then he falls in love with Prerna. The rest of the story deals with whether Sattar would be successful in recovering EMIs or not.

EMI movie review

EMI movie review

The Performance

The entire film is carried by the able shoulders of Sanjay Dutt. His screen presence and dialogue delivery stand out. Kulbhushan Kharbanda has given a very competent performance. Arjun Rampal is sauve and stately. Aashish Chowdhary fits his role.
Malaika Arora Khan, Neha Uberoi and Urmila Matondkar are quite glamorous but nothing much to deliver because of poorly scripted charaterisation.
Manoj Joshi, Snehal Dabhi and Dayashankar Pandey are pretty good as the goons.

The Techniques

Saurabh Kadra has taken a very interesting theme, but the story is poorly written. The screenplay does not allow an interesting narration. The pre-interval gives hope of a gripping drama, but the post-interval turns out to be a damp squib.

EMI movie review

EMI movie review

Music has no hear-worthiness. Dialogues are average except those delivered by Sanjay Dutt and his goons.Cinematography is good. Editing and audiography could have been better. Production values are good.

The Verdict

EMI is a case of rising expectations of entertainment and receding hopes of satisfaction. You come out with the feeling that this film could have been made in a much better way.
EMI is a film only for the ardent fans of Sanjay Dutt.

The Rating

2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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