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Double trouble for Telugu desam

Double trouble for Telugu desamEver since Alipiri incident Devender Gouda’ exist from Telugu desam is foregone conclusion.

Though with prior sensing Chandrababu collasped a lot of smaller leaders from leaving the party what troubling Telugu desam leadership is by openly accusing the five member committee a farce and gang of united Andhra supporters. Devender has put Babu in catch 22 situation. If the committee won’t take positive decision in regard to Telenagana it is going harm prospectus in the region and if a favorable decision is taken voters from Andhra will vote against the party.

And with the election around the corner the committee cannot postpone its final decision any further.

That is one side of the coin.
As the arrival of chiranjeevi into the politics is certain, a lot of leaders from Andhra region are in touch with Nagababu & co and waiting for positive signals in regard to leaving Telugudesam.
Can’t we say this is double trouble for Telugudesam?

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