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Does the CoI sanction sitting idle and getting doles?

Does the CoI sanction sitting idle and getting doles

Does the CoI sanction sitting idle and getting doles

Not being a narcissist, I was surprised by my sudden urge to look into the magic mirror. I was more surprised to see myself sitting idle in an Indiramma house and watching colour TV. Someone looking official knocked the door, entered and gave me Rs 2000.
Is this the state of affairs to come after General Election 2009 which viciously violates my fundamental right to live with dignity, equality before law and right to work guaranteed by the Constitution of India (CoI)?

When I am exercising my right to franchise, I am electing a representative from my constituency, who will uphold the CoI, perform within the purview of the Laws of the Land and generously indulge in good governance so that my fundamental rights are not violated and I can work, earn and make both ends meet, so that I can walk with my head held high.

Just because I am a white ration card holder, am I entitled to live in a free house, watch colour TV and freely get Rs 2000 per month which is paid to me from the taxes paid by honest citizens from their hard earned salaries or profits?

Is giving out doles to white ration card holders not violation of the CoI guaranteed fundamental right of equality before law and the right to livelihood? Aren’t the non-white card holders discriminated against?

If giving money, liquor and other freebies before the voting day to purchase someone’s vote is an offence, then how come giving Colour TV and Rs 2000 per month after getting elected is right and lawful? Bribe or any corrupt inducement does not change its definition by the affix of BEFORE and suffix of AFTER

Citizens of India, beware of power-hungry wolves in sheep’s clothing who are promising the moon to usurp authority bereft of responsibility.

Do surely cast your vote. But, choose someone who is worthy of your right to vote.

Deen Kumar

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