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Devender Goud Press Meet – For separate Telangana

Devender Goud Press Meet - For separate TelanganaT Devender Goud who resigned from the TDP yesterday said that he would reveal all his plans after a meeting on June 28. He said that he could not speak yesterday as he was very emotional after quitting the TDP that gave him political life.

Devender Goud spoke to the media this afternoon at his residence in Hyderabad. He said that his only aim was to see the formation of separate Telangana. He said that the time has now come for his to enlist all like minded people and agitate for separate Telangana.

Devender Goud said that he would fight for separate Telangana and for this purpose; he will enlist the support of al political parties. He said the he would approach each an every political party and ask them to support his cause for separate Telangana.

Goud termed his proposed agitation as the ‘Second Freedom Struggle’. Goud also ruled out any tie up with the TRS at this present juncture.

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