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Damarukam Movie Review

Damarukam Movie Review

King Nagarjuna’s much delayed socio fantasy film ‘Damarukam’ sounded at the box office today across the world with the grace of Lord Shiva. Nagarjuna is known for his penchant for trying different roles and let us see what is the impact of Damarukam sound

Andhakasura(Ravi Shankar) who is the lone survivor in the battle between Devas and Asuras thousand years back bids for his time to conquer the world. His moment came when Mahi (Anushka) was born with Lord Shiva’s blessings and Parvathi’s prowess. He realises that he should marry her when five planets converge during solar eclipse. He does penance and impresses Lord Shiva (Prakash Raj) and gets a boon that he will be successful in his mission.He however comes to know that there is one more hurdle Malli(Nagarjuna) and he tries to kill him but emerges unsuccessful while eliminating his entire family.

Years pass and Malli who used to be Shiva devotee turns Shiva hater and grows up taking care of his sister affected by the deadly accident. He meets Mahi and fall in love with her. Whether Andhakasura is successful in his attempts or will Malli win Mahi’s love and how he will save her has to be watched on big screens.

Stars Performance
Nagarjuna performed his role to perfection and even delighted his fans with his six pack show. Anushka looked extremely beautiful though in some shots she looked aged.Charmi as Sakku Bai spellbound all with her special treat.Ravi Krishna as Andhakasura gave riveting performance and he is sure to get awards for his role.His dialogue delivery, expressions are awesome.Prakash Raj as Shiva is ok while Devan, Brahmanandam, Raghubabu, MS, Krishna Bhagawan, Duvvasi Mohan did their job.

Director Srinivas Reddy prepared a perfect and neat story and script. However his story lacks heroism and mostly dependent on graphics to prove a point. How it will appeal to masses has to be analysed in the coming days. He extracted optimum performances from all the stars. Overall a good performance from the director and the entire team.

Production Values of RR.Movie Makers are top class. Chota K.Naidu’s cinematography and Devi Sri Prasad’s music is beautiful. Editing by Gautam Raju is neat. Graphics and VFX team did commendable job.

Final Talk
Delayed Damarukam provides graphic delight

Directed by Srinivas Reddy
Produced by R. R. Movie Makers
Starring Nagarjuna,Anushka Shetty,Ganesh Venkatraman,Prakash Raj
Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography Chota K. Naidu
Editing by Gautham Raju
Distributed by R. R. Movie Makers
Bellamkonda Suresh (Vizag)
Release date(s) November 23, 2012

The Rating
3.5 out of 5

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