Criminal Case on Denikaina Ready Film Makers

Criminal Case on Denikaina Ready Film Makers

Denikaina Ready film makers are not even allowed to savor the success of the film which has been deserting them for long. This Vishnu, Hansika starrer has some scenes in which brahmins were shown eating haleem and chicken pieces in the name of comedy. Brahmin organisations took strong objection and led a protest march yesterday to Mohan Babu who was inturn grew furious and commented “Those who protested in front of my house are not real Brahmans and they are all Blackmailers and they might have come for some money” instead of solving the problem.

Angry Brahmin organisations complained against Denikaina Ready movie at Film Chamber of commerce in Hyderabad demanding ban on the film for hurting their sentiments. They even approached Malkajgiri court which directed police to slap criminal cases against producer Mohan Babu, actors Vishnu, Brahmanandam and director G.Nageswar Reddy.

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  1. SS says:

    Denikaina ready movie should be banned as it is a socially irresponsible movie