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Confusion still continuing in ETV

Confusion still continuing in ETVThe Prabhakar-Suman episode is still having it reverberation in ETV. We all know that for the last several years ETV is synonym with Prabhakar, Such is his presence in the ETV serials that viewers started calling him ‘’ETV Prabhakar’’.

Majority of the serials are featured him in lead and when he was shown the door all of them went off screen.

It is reliably learnt when Prabhakar was there whole of the Enaadu television if divided into two group one with allegiance to Ramoji’ trusted man Bapinedu and another to Suman backed Prabakar. With exit of suman a lot of staff in ETV fearing for their jobs.

Final picture in the war will come once suman returns from US.

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