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Cine Industry’s Caste Lobby Killed Uday Kiran?

Cine Industry's Caste Lobby Killed Uday Kiran?

AP Brahmin Seva Sanghamm alleged that powerful caste lobby in Cine Industry crushed Uday Kiran under it and killed Uday Kiran mercilessly. The organisation’s President Dronamraju Ravikumar said many upcoming artists career was crushed by the two powerful castes which are dictating terms in the Tollywood. He demanded enquiry on Uday Kiran’s suicide by a sitting judge. He said some influential persons spoiled the career of Uday Kiran and everyone in the state know who they are. Already people are discussing on none of the top heroes paying their tribute visiting his dead body. Fans of Uday Kiran lament this discrimination from top heroes.

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