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Chiru urgently needs women leaders

Chiru urgently needs women leaders

Chiru urgently needs women leaders

The virulent attack unleashed by two yesteryears women colleagues of Chiranjeevi i.e Roja and Vijayashanthi seems has PRP leaders to rethink over having a woman as representative of the party to respond in similar vein.

It is know that on sun day TDP glamour doll Roja and Telengana fire brand Vijayashanthi in two separately convened press conferences questioned Chiru’s honesty and commitment towards public and newly found love for weaving community. As both of the women have capability to attract good crowed Chiru cannot keep quite over their remarks and at the same he himself personally cannot respond as both of them are very juniors to him.

Though initially PRP too tried to take Suhasini into party, it is heard, she politely declined on some excuse. Since then they have not made any serious efforts to appoint a woman firebrand to counter Vijayashahtnis, Rojas, and GangaBhavnis etc.

Yesterday they temporarily entrusted the job to the Bhuma Shoba. Shobha has long political experience but lacks glamour and use of language, PRP too know of this and planning out to invite a glamour doll into party soon.

Who she will be is a million dollor questions.

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