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Chiru Not Satisfied With Kathi Remake, Asks Vinayak To Prepare A New Story

Chiru Not Satisfied With Kathi Remake, Asks Vinayak To Prepare A New Story

There was a lot of hullabaloo about Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie. Though the film was announced long ago, the shooting of the film is being delayed on some pretext or the other. First, there was a surgery to his left hand and later his daughter Srija’s marriage after that there is another surgery to his right hand. After all these postponements, there was a discussion about the script between Chiranjeevi and director VV Vinayak. First they considered remake of Kathi. However, after making some changes to script to suit the Telugu nativity, Chiranjeevi expressed his unhappiness over the second half of the script. In this backdrop, director VV Vinayak had thought of another storyline and narrated it to the Mega Star and the latter was so impressed with the storyline as it is better than Kathi subject and asked the director to prepare a bound script of the story with dialogues. Now, Vinayak is busy with the script work of the new subject. Whatever be the reason, the 150th film is getting delayed due to some reason. The Mega Star, who had an experience of 149 films could not take a final decision on his 150th film is very surprising. It is worth mentioning here that Balakrishna had taken a decision on his prestigious 100th film in no time and the shooting is also likely to be started by the end of this month.

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