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Chiranjeevi’s party launch from Tirupathi

Chiranjeevi’s party launch from Tirupathi According to reports, Chiranjeevi will launch his political party at a public meeting in Tirupati on August 24 or 26.

Allu Aravind made a trip to Tirupathi a couple of days back to select a suitable venue for the meeting. Around 5 lakh people are expected to attend the public meeting. Chiranjeevi will unveil the name, flag, agenda, manifesto and constitution of his party.

After the announcement is made, Chiranjeevi will embark on a tour of the state to explain to the people about the aims of his party.

Chiranjeevi is also throwing a farewell party in Madapur on August 10 to all the celebrities of Tollywood. He is said to have decided not to act in films, once he starts his party.

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