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Case on RGV for Insulting the Hindu Religion

Case on RGV for Insulting the Hindu Religion

A private petition has been filed in Malkajgiri court against Ram Gopal Verma saying that the controversial film maker has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus by insulting Hindu Gods and Goddesses including Siva, Lakshm and Saraswati. The complaint has been registered by an advocate named Sanjay. Reacting to the complaint Court ordered Kushaiguda Police to lodge case against RGV under section 294 (A) before looking into the matter.
Earlier, Ram Gopal Verma said that there is no use of worshipping goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati who have failed time and again in making people of India richer and brainiest. He also compared Lord Shiva with the dreaded terrorist of AL-Qaeda network as the God killed his son Ganapathi by beheading him. Advocate Sanjay has filed a petition against RGV as he is hurt by these comments against the religion he worships in a secular place like India.

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