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Bisket Movie Review

Bisket Movie Review

Story begins with Ashwin is a happy go lucky guy who works for a construction company and Chitti Raju(Vennela Kishore) who is good friend to Ashwin. One day they share a similar situation of their bosses’ sadist things. One fine day, Ashwin meets Deeksha and falls in love with her. . The story takes a turn when Ashwin and Chitti decide to teach a lesson to their boss and the plan goes haywire. Chitti’s boss is murdered and the blame falls on these two. Rest of the story on screens?

Plus points
Vennala Kishore
Taggubottu ramesh comedy

Minus Points
Dragged scenes

Star performance
Ashwin is quite good in his role. Dimple Chopade was glamorous and did justice to her role. The real show stealer was Vennela Kishore, he was hilarious, same with Tagubothu Ramesh. Ali’s comic timing and characterization was impressive. Ajay was perfect. Other character made their roles is okay

Director has failed in holding the film together. He has worked on the story, screenplay, and music and has not been able to justify in any department. The first half after 20 min dragged to establish small things, second half turned even slower. The narrative rambles from the basic objective in the end. Second half is slow to narrate the rest of the storyline in an exciting way. Over all Biscuit has not been successful in bringing about a good start to this new year.

Technical Aspects:-
Production values are ok. Editing is very bad many scenes has been incomplete without action, Dubbing work is big back drop of the film. Music is ok

Final Talk
Better to skip this film

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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