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Be Beautiful like a CHILD

Be Beautiful like a CHILD

Be Beautiful like a CHILD

Being a child is entirely different from being childish. Often most children behave like mature adults and a majority of adults are down right childish in their beliefs, opinions and behaviour.

All said and done, child is the Father of Man. This Wordsworthian wisdom is often touted as an ornamental quotation but never thoroughly explored or understood.

What are the attributes of a child?
Every child is breathtakingly beautiful. The beauty of the child stems from the perfect harmony of the body, mind and soul.

Somewhere along, the mind is lost through fallacy and the soul crippled because of the onslaught of irrational beliefs. No doubt adults by comparison look uglier than children. Adulthood has an inherent knack of permanently losing childhood.

To be a child, an adult has to have total mindfulness and complete soulfulness. All of us should remember: Like the body, both mind and soul are prone to pollution and corruption..

The Child’s beauty pours forth from the sheer purity of mind and clarity of soul. A child treats humans as humans. He/She is not yet corrupted by the lures of power and hierarchy.

A child is always alert, restless, curious and exploring the ambience of existence. He/She has questions and wants answers: Not just any answers; Logically satisfying answers; rationally proof-worthy answers.

The child has an open mind and all his/her five senses work overtime as input consoles, and his/her brain, the Super Computer, continuously recording the data, which is collected and collated into information to be correlated into knowledge, application of which ushers in wisdom.

The child does not accept all data as true, he expresses doubts, thinks about the inconsistencies and contradictions and validates his data only after his doubts are clarified properly.

The child is a good listener. No ears have doors as the eyes have lids. Because of limited vocabulary, the child is brief, focused and clear in his speech.

Sometimes he is brutally frank. Not yet shackled by inhibitions, protocol, code of social conduct, he gives free vent to his emotions. He/She has no adverse hiccups arising out of suppressed emotions and deliberately concealed feelings.

Alas, all of us adults have eyes and ears, but we do not see and listen, having been completely adulterated by unworthy experience.

A child is always honest and transparent. Oliver Wendell Holmes observed, “Pretty much of all the honest truth-telling there is in this world is done only by children”.

The child enjoys whatever he does, little pranks, play, and even learning. The child does not have any retirement from learning.

The child is always alive and observant. The child’s first response in any human transaction is affection. He is a born Affectionate Manager. No doubt, he is the Father of Man ( no gender bias intended).

Somewhere in our evolution into adulthood, the child is lost forever, though a bit of childishness is retained. The adulteration of adulthood brings in the devolution of monkey business from the erstwhile evolution from the era of Rama Pithicus.

Yes, any Human Being, evolved from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens, ought to learn a lot from the child. The best we can do is not to forget our childhood. This is one “hood” that unmasks us irretrievably.

The best thing I can do to myself with most of my will-power is to be as beautiful as a CHILD.

How simple? But, how so difficult? It is as difficult as the reversal of evolution, but not impossible or improbable.

I have decided to be as beautiful as a child from now onwards. Will you keep company with me ?

Deen Kumar

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