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A Strange Love Story Movie Review

A Strange Love Story Movie Review

HAUNTED. RAGINI MMS. Now A STRANGE LOVE STORY talks about supernatural forces. Though the first two films merged the lethal combo of sex and horror adroitly, A STRANGE LOVE STORY relies more on suspense to create that eerie impact. Unfortunately, the writing is ludicrous and the direction, amateurish. Hence, it fails to register any kind of an impact.

There are some things that science can’t explain, there are some events that can’t be understood. It tells the story of a young photographer named Kabeer [Eddie Seth]. His dream was to show the world something it had never seen before. In doing so he unleashes a being not of this world. A being that will stop at nothing to get at the one thing that Kabeer really cares for. A beautiful girl named Jennifer [Riya Sen].

They start seeing things, people around them start getting murdered and all the evidence points towards Kabeer and Jennifer. With the police in hot pursuit, they must somehow defeat the enemy and prove their innocence.

Carelessly scripted and shoddily directed, A STRANGE LOVE STORY has nothing fascinating to offer, except for a few eerie moments when the dead come to haunt Eddie, especially at the interval point. Nothing works really — not the romance [Eddie and Riya], not the one-sided love affair [Ashutosh Rana], not the supernatural aspect towards the pre-climax. One genuinely hopes that the wheels would move with the emergence of Yashpal Sharma, but the culmination is so childish that it shocks you no end.

A Strange Love Story Movie Review

If the writing is woefully terrible, the direction [Tariq and Sahil Seth] is equally lackluster. The murder mystery is solved in the end in the most childish manner and wonder of wonders, the directors drop a hint of a sequel by showing Ashutosh flash a wicked smile in the end. Even the cinematography is non-appealing, although portions of the film have been filmed in Shimla.

Ashutosh Rana is an efficient actor, but he fails to make an impact. Oh yes, he does prove his credentials in a few sequences, that’s about it. Eddie needs to learn acting pronto. Ditto for Riya, who just doesn’t deliver. Raj Zutshi, Yashpal Sharma and Snehal Dhabi don’t get much scope. Milind Gunaji is wasted. Gunjan Bakshi and Ehsaan Khan are strictly okay.

On the whole, A STRANGE LOVE STORY is indeed a strange love story.

The Rating
1 out of 5

Review By Taran Adarsh
Source by :http://www.bollywoodhungama.com

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