A glance at Nag’ life

A glance at Nag’ lifeAmassing wealth is a greedy act but spending money is great art. Some people always busy with earning but find little time to spend, some want luxury life without earning a penny but very few can lead a balanced life and Nagarjuna is one among them. He earns and spends at equal easy.

He little cares for other’ comments and never compromises both in earning and spending. He has increased his properties many folds ,certainly can say, is one of the richest stars in the Telugu film industry today and at the same time maintaining positive relations with all and sundry in the industry perfectly balancing the professional and personnel life.

Reminding his age he asked media and fans prefix the ‘’YUVA’’ to his son not to his name as his age crossed fifty, a bold statement from a screen idol. Even though some of his colleagues are always wearing wigs to hide their bald head Nag not even colored his hair. He is the first one to act in the HIV ad.

The other side of his life is having studied in America he has imbibed the capitalist culture in the fullest sense and fully believes in that.


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