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“Red Alert” to “Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke”

“Red Alert” to “Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke”

“Red Alert” to “Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke”

Rahul Aggarwal, who made “Red Alert” and caused ripples in most of the International Film Festivals, is planning to make a rib-tickling comedy titled “Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke” with Paresh Rawal in the lead. Narayani Shastri and Rahul Aggarwal will make their debut as actors in the film.

From “Red Alert” to “Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke” appears to be a jump from reality to reel-ty. Let us recount “Red Alert”.

“Red Alert” written by Aruna Raje and directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan won the Director’s Vision Award at the Stuttgart Film Festival 2009 and Suniel Shetty won the Best Actor Award at the South Asian International Film Festival, New York, 2009.
“Red Alert: the War Within” is based on the true story of Narasimha, a poor farm labourer who desperately needs money to fund the education of his children. To earn his way, he finds himself in the midst of the Naxalite movement, forced to make difficult, and morally questionable, choices.
At first, he starts as a mere cook for the terrorist group. Before too long, he graduates to weapons training, shootouts and kidnappings. A good, kind man trying to earn for his family, Narasimha finds himself in a position he had never bargained for; a man left with no choices.

The conflicts in Narasimha’s life gets more complicated when a confrontation with the group leader turns his world upside down; now he’s caught in the middle of the law and the militants.

The only way Narasimha can survive is when he finally takes matters into his own hands. Does he follow his conscience and thwart the movement? Or, does he look out for himself and his family, and embrace the Naxal cause?
Though “Red Alert: the War Within” is the account of one man, it embodies the true conflict facing the impoverished: Do we fight to protect a nation that has forgotten us? Or, do we fight to survive and feed ourselves? Do we really have any choice?
Cast :
Suniel Shetty
Sameera Reddy
Ayesha Dharkar
Seema Biswas
Ashish Vidyarthi
Makhrand Deshpande
Sunil Sinha
Ehsaan Khan
Gulshan Grover
With Naseeruddin Shah
And Vinod Khanna

Crew :

Directed by : Ananth Narayan Mahadevan
Produced by : Rahul Aggarwal & TP Aggarwal
Written by : Aruna Raje
Cinematographer : K. Rajkumar
Editor : Sanjib Dutta
Executive Producer: George Cameron & Asif Shaikh
Associate Director: Divaker Naik
Costume Designers: Shayal Sheth & Naveen Shetty
Art : Sanjay Jadhav
Stunts : Allan Amin
Music : Lalit Pandit
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar

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