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Woman pleads not guilty to DiCaprio bottle attack

Woman pleads not guilty to DiCaprio bottle attack

London, Sep 10, The woman, who is accused of attacking Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio with a broken beer bottle, has pleaded not guilty to charges.

Aretha Wilson maintained her innocence in a Los Angeles court Thursday, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Reports suggest that she mistook the star for a former boyfriend. She also claims DiCaprio started the altercation by taking offense at remarks she was making towards him.

Wilson was recently extradited from her native Canada to the US to face charges and is currently behind bars in lieu of $150,000 bail.

DiCaprio has volunteered to testify against the 40-year-old at her upcoming trial.

If convicted, she could face up to seven years in jail. She is due in court again Oct 13.

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