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US singer shoots naked where Kennedy was shot

US singer shoots naked where Kennedy was shot

New York, Aug 17: A Grammy Award winning American singer has been sentenced to a six-month probation and fined $500 after she was found guilty of shooting naked a video in the area where president John F. Kennedy was killed.

Erykah Badu walked naked at the Dealey Plaza in Dallas March 13 during a shoot for her music video “Window Seat”.

The video, which ends with Badu being fatally shot in the head, was filmed in the area where John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Fox News reported.

Police said many people complained that children saw Badu moving naked in the area.

Badu, however, has defended herself against accusations that the video disrespected Kennedy: “His revolutionary thinking is my inspiration. My performance art has been grossly misinterpreted by many.”

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