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Tony Curtis’ wife says lung problems led to death

Tony Curtis' wife says lung problems led to death

New York, Oct 1 : Veteran actor Tony Curtis’ wife has blamed his history of lung problems due to smoking for his death.

The “Some Like It Hot” star passed away Wednesday after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 85.

“He had COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and very bad lung problems from smoking. About 30 years ago he quit. But his lungs never worked the way they should. So he was always fighting that,” she said.

“His heart survived many things that would have killed an ordinary man. This time his heart was ready to go,” she added.

The family had decided to bring him home from the hospital before he passed away, reports nydailynews.com.

“He died peacefully surrounded by those who loved him … in his bedroom where he loved to be. I’m very happy we made the decision to bring him home from the hospital. He passed away in his sleep,” she said.

“One thing Tony always said: ‘God is great. He won’t hurt us ’cause he looks like Tony Curtis’,” she said. “I guess now he knows how he looks.”

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