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Serena Williams loves heels

Serena Williams loves heels

London, Aug 25: Ace tennis player Serena Williams makes a fashion statement even in the tennis court, but says she gets close to tears if she can’t wear high heels.

Williams hates getting injured because it hampers her from wearing stylish footwear, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“When I’m injured it’s devastating because I know I won’t be able to wear heels. I’m practically in tears,” said Serena.

The world’s number one tennis player wonders how she became a sportswoman, especially because she has a very delicate, girly side to herself.

“I’m the complete not-normal athlete, and I often wonder how I got into sports because I hate working out. I hate running. I hate all that stuff. I love doing my nails, reading, going to the movies and wearing high heels – the higher the better actually,” she added.

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